Faha Akmal & Aisam Ul Haq Wedding Pictures and Videos

LAHORE (December 17, 2011): Pakistan Tennis star Aisam-ul-Haq tied the knot at a grand wedding ceremony held here at Garrison Golf Club on Saturday.

Aisam Ul Haq and Faha Akmal Wedding Pictures

Aisam ul Haq’s Rasm-e-Hina Video

Aisam ul Haq celebrates his Rasm-e-Hina in a farmhouse in Lahore.

Aisam Ul Haq and Faha Akmal Mehndi & Wedding Pictures

Aisam-Ul-Haq & Faha Akmal Mehndi Pictures
Aisam-Ul-Haq & Faha Akmal Mehndi Pictures
Aisam-Ul-Haq & Faha Akmal Mehndi Pictures
Aisam-Ul-Haq & Faha Akmal Wedding Pictures
Aisam-Ul-Haq & Faha Akmal Wedding Pictures

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5 thoughts on “Faha Akmal & Aisam Ul Haq Wedding Pictures and Videos


  2. Salaam to All: May Allah put barakah in their marital life. In the prevailing situation in the country, such huge wedding ceremony is disappointing, The huge amount wasted on the useless things in the marriage could have been given to the poor and needy, as people are dying of hunger and suicides go unabated. There are hundreds of thousands people homeless and hardly get one time meal. Aisam wedding should have set an exmaple for others that we want to help and build our nation. Introduce the trend of simmple marraige , who could be better than a woman like Fatima (R.A) the daughter of our beloved prophet (PBUH) whose marriage ceremony was a gathering of few persons served with few dates. Aisam,s marraige is not different than the other marriages where gifts and huge amount is exchanged fo the sake of themselves and in their families, and not a penny for the needy. He could have spent the money in building housing, a cliniic, hopsital, schools etc that could benefit the poor. It is high time for the masses and media to play their role in discouraging such events and DO NOT let these events to high jack our media for mere entertainment. We should shun the culture of selflessness and show off.

    • Humanityfriend – Islam also teaches us not to judge or accuse a person of wrongdoing without evidence. You bestow gifts and food for guests at a wedding depending on how much wealth you have. You do know that a walima is obligatory in Islam don’t you? Look at the era of time that the prophet SAW was on Earth – he was not rich but if we follow his hadith, you should feed guests with whatever you have in your house.

      Back to Aisam ul Haq’s wedding – he is a wealthy man, and the dowry/number of guests that he had at his wedding was according to his wealth. Who the hell are you to judge whether he gives money to the poor or not? What do you know about his money matters and what he spends his money on? Instead of making jealous/wahabi type comments, just take a step back and look at yourself and take a look at the Pakistani politicians and government. Aisam ul Haq’s wedding has not caused all that is happening in Pakistan. People like YOU have caused it. Instead of sitting back and talking the talk, why don’t YOU get up and try to change Pakistan? It’s all very well placing the blame – if the Pakistani people wanted to change Pakistan, they would get up from their backsides and make a change, but you’re all too lazy gossiping and laying the blame on others to do anything.

    • Salaam rights; I never wanted to hurt any one’s emotions. But at least we should display maturity in our words. First of all i should say that your mindset tells alot that ur opinion lacks evidence and vague concepts of moral values. Anyone has a freedom of expression and yes no one can judge others, but you are doing the same thing. Please tell me if Aisam had done a charitable work with even a little amount out of the huge money spent on the wedding, what would be wrong with that. Please go into the histroy and see even peolpe around you who are rich and wealthy but still they lead a simple life and help others the most. If you speak about the time of prophet (PBUH), Valima is obligatory but not necessary a sumptous valiama full of extravagance. If you know the life of Sahaba Abubakar (R.A), Othman (R.A), Adul Rahman bin Auf (R.A) were very wealthy caliph and were ready to sacrifice anything for our prophet (PBUH) but they promoted smiplicity in life. If you dont see the need to help the poor and needy around you then i would say “blind and deaf thoughts” but anyway for you is your way and for me is mine. I would say wake-up and build the nations. Many parents in the villages of punjab, sindh , NWFP are bearing day and nights to arrange dowry and get thier children married. If we set standard of such wedding cermony like the one of Aisam’s then go and ask these poor and dignified ordaninry massess and you will get the answer.

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